The Everhart house has been subjected to some serious spring cleaning over the last few weeks.  Yes, please ignore the fact that is now summer time!  We all have those rooms/spaces in our homes where everything that does not have a designated place seems to pile up.  It is an ongoing joke that I consider my husband and son to be pack rats, while they think I don’t keep anything.  Our son wants to keep every scrap of paper he has ever doodled on, every paper airplane he has ever made and every dried up marker or ink pen—just in case we need it to make something else.  My hubby keeps junk mail, every notebook he has ever written in and clothes that haven’t been worn in 10 years.  I guess all the stars were aligned recently because we tackled our extra bedroom, which is our personal junkyard.  We organized, put things in the attic and my personal favorite…threw some stuff away!

This bedroom also serves as our home office.  We had this massive desk that was too big for the space and really ended up being nothing more than a shrine to all things that we refused to find a place for, throw away or give away.  After getting some help from our wonderful brother-in-law, we found a great new home for the desk at our church.  We then purchased a much smaller desk that has no places or room to be a fancy trashcan.

As I thought through how I wanted the room to look, what its function needed to be, etc. it made me realize how junky some areas in my own life had become.  There were some spaces that I allowed to be overtaken by oversized memories, loaded down with traditions and even misused.  It was just easier to close the door to those spaces than to deal with them.

It’s not easy making a decision to let go of things from our past.  It is uncomfortable to realize that you have settled for a pothole in your life rather than climbing out, dusting off and moving forward.  I find it much more comfortable to look into the lives of others and determine what they need to do.  I could tell my son that life is not fair and you just have to deal with what it hands you.  I could be the wife that tells her husband just to quit fighting Lyme’s Disease because there is no cure.

I could be the woman that stays under the thumb of the legalism she was raised under.  Shedding things that hold onto us is either a process or an instant freedom.  What determines that?  Well, the best I can explain it is your willingness to let go is combined with God’s plan for your life.  Just like I had to ask for help from my brother-in-law to deliver the massive desk out of our home, I have to ask God daily to help me with the things I struggle with…anxiety, patience, using my ears instead of my mouth, etc.  However, sometimes there are things I can just pray about, drop it in God’s hands and have total peace.  I can’t predict what those things are for me any easier than I could for you, but I think our willingness to shed them is the biggest step or acknowledgement.

So my question for you today is, “are you holding onto some oversized things that you can’t get to fit into your life?”  Maybe it’s time to ask for some help to get rid of them?  It might not even be something bad…my desk is in great shape, it just wasn’t right for me, but it is perfect for the classroom at church.