I am so grateful – every.single.day – for this life. Too many things to list… the good and the bad… I am thankful for it all.

An extra-special thank you to all of you who follow along on this mission of mine!


Wishing you and yours a veryHappy-Thanksgiving-2016

Looking for Blessings in Everyday Life

This past weekend I was feeling very sorry for myself. Tons of bills were due, my back was hurting a lot, I was depressed (I was diagnosed with clinical depression a few months back), Sadie was acting up, my hubby was working for the 6th day in a row…everything seemed to be hitting me at once. I was cranky and feeling absolutely miserable.

…And then God stepped in and I found thanks in all of it.

He showed me that I really need to give thanks in all circumstances like the Good Book says. Perhaps these circumstances seem trivial to you but they felt overwhelming to me. I was in tears when He showed me that His blessings are in all areas of my life. As I complained silently (and not so silently) He very obviously showed me what I needed to focus on to adjust my attitude.

Thank God I had all those bills! I had the money to pay for the fancy cell phone, the electricity in my comfortable house in a safe neighborhood, the renters insurance on all of our material stuff, and other “necessities” than so many people cannot afford. We even had enough money left over for lots of nutritious food, gasoline for our two working cars, and a little bit left over for our vacation in October. It humbles me that God has blessed us with so much. I was a little embarrassed that I complained about those bills when we obviously had enough to cover them. Sorry Lord…sometimes my humanity gets in the way. Thank you for reminding me to keep my eyes on you.

My back certainly did hurt but God blessed me with wonderful medical care and medicine! Sure it wasn’t fun to have that backache (which still hurts today), but I had medicine I could take for the pain and I could go get excellent medical care from a doctor if I needed it. So many people even in this great country can’t say that…but I can. Thank you, Jesus for taking care of me!

I was depressed. So the chemicals in my brain make me feel depressed, make me have panic attacks, and sometimes life feels like it gets too hard…but it could be so much worse! I am very guilty of letting this overtake me, especially in the last few months. It’s been my go to excuse to not do things I to have to do, or like to do. However bad this depression is, I could have a terrible, debilitating mental illness, or a brain tumor, or a terminal illness instead of treatable depression. My illness is pretty effectively treated by the miracle of antidepressants. What a blessing the Creator of the Universe has bestowed on me! Thank God I am only depressed and have Him (and my family) to lean on when it gets hard!

Sadie was being a little stinker for me while Daddy was gone. Oh she was in fine form but she is mine! I know so many people struggle to conceive a child and she came to us quickly despite my polycycstic ovarian disorder. Somewhere someone would have loved to have the “problem” of a little one kicking the walls, yelling no, and acting like a little crazy person. My sweet three year old is one of the biggest blessings I have ever been given. She is a true miracle and God reminded me of that as I sat at the kitchen table bemoaning my “hardship” of a difficult three year old.

Todd had worked 18 long hours that Friday and was working again early Saturday morning. That put me in a horrible mood because I was alone the day before and again that morning with a difficult child. But God reminded me that so many people are out of work and so working long hours is a blessing. Working ANY hours is a blessing these days. And those long hours will pay for all the other blessings in our life – bills, daycare, and food. A secondfold blessing is that I have a husband who works so hard. My husband is the most honest, hardworking man I know. Thank you God for such a sweet and busy man for a husband and his job.

This whole thing might be a little saccharine to some. I get that. But this isn’t just a “look for the silver lining” reminder. This is a reminder to look for God’s hand and blessing in everything, especially the hard to understand or difficult. God is there and He will show himself in those hard times. Try to focus on the blessing and not the hard parts of your life. God blesses us all, in everything! All we need to do is look and He will show us how.