The Foundation of Makeup

Makeup is a huge industry.  If you don’t believe me, while you are watching TV tonight, pay attention to the number of commercials there are for mascara and foundation!  There is nothing more frightening than being on vacation or out with friends and out comes the camera/cell phones.  You take a peek at the pictures and gasp because your face is 10 shades lighter than the rest of your body. (Trust me, I speak from experience.)  Your foundation is the support system of your face!  If it goes screaming downhill, sliding off your skin like a ski slope by 2pm, is there hope?  If it lets too much light in for pictures and you look like a close relative of Casper, should you wear a paper bag in all photos?  Let’s discuss…there are 2 key factors to the art of finding the foundation that works for you.

•     Complimentary Colors
There are as many different skin tones as there are people in this world.  Your foundation should even your skin tone out without looking like you painted it on.  A good rule is to match it to the underside of your wrist or along your jaw line.  There are many great professional lines in department stores with staff that are trained to match skin tones if you feel like you need some direction.  Some require you to make an appointment, so be sure to do your homework!

•     Skin Types
No matter what age you are, whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, there are foundations out there for you.  It may take some trial and error, but with a little patience you will find the product that is the best for you.  Foundations come in liquids, creams, and even loose powder.  These allow for a wide variety of coverage types while keeping your particular skin types/conditions in consideration.  If you have oily skin it is a good idea to apply foundation with a foundation brush.  This will make your purchase last longer and keep finger oils off your skin.  Powder-to-cream foundations can be applied with a sponge for even coverage.  Loose powder foundations work best with large round brushes.

We are all looking to balance our lives and our foundation is crucial to the equation!  With a little research, possibly an appointment at your local department store makeup counter, you can feel more confident and put together.  The most important thing is finding what works for your lifestyle and running with it.

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