Life Update: December 26, 2016

Where do I even start?

I guess it would be polite to begin with hello, and Merry Christmas! It blows my mind that my family and I celebrated the holiday yesterday and I still do not feel like it’s Christmastime. I have truly struggled to get in the holiday hustle and bustle this year. And I have already taken down and packed up the decorations. But I did have a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that those of you who celebrate it did too.

Now… to explain my recent absence. Y’all. Some days I shouldn’t be allowed to get out of bed. haha

Two weeks ago, I was trying to be proactive. I had wanted to transition my Etsy inventory over to this website for a while, and December 10 seemed like a good day to do it. So, that morning, I got an early start on creating a page, importing media, and researching the best way to display my online store. [I should probably mention here that, although I have been a blogger for 6 years, I’m still not all-that-savvy with all-things-Wordpress.] I found a great tutorial with sample HTML codes and carefully followed instructions to assure everything was perfect. When I was finished with the first of many planned pages, I clicked the publish button and waited anxiously for the page to refresh… to see if everything looked good. I didn’t want to code all pages if there was something that needed to be tweaked.

At that moment, my heart sank. Where was my page? I clicked the refresh button beside the URL. Nothing!! My page was solid white. Trying not to panic (although I was already having a full-on anxiety attack) I convinced myself that it would be no big deal… I would rekey my Dashboard URL and delete those codes, or even that particular page, and all would revert back to normal. Um, nope. That didn’t work either. Why did that not work?!! I got sick to my stomach; my head hurt; I think I was on the verge of a breakdown. With the click of one button, I had lost every post that I had ever written since 2010.

Of course I Googled for WordPress tips and tricks to help me revert the damage that I had done, but everything that I found either didn’t work or was too complicated. I had to walk away. It tore me up, and shut me down, for a few hours.

Then it dawned on me… I used a third-party hosting company! Maybe they would be able to tell me what to do to get my page back? After 15 minutes on the phone with my hosting company, it was evident that whatever I had done was irreversible via WordPress. I wanted to cry. What had I done?

The technician placed me on hold for one last attempt for him to save the day and when he returned, he had found a work-around. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a free work-around but it would restore some of my posts. He explained that the hosting company occasionally backs up accounts, and mine had last been updated on December 1.

The process took a while to complete. I had to fill out a service ticket, they had to process my payment, and then they had to compete the restore. I had lost four posts – 12/5, 12/8, 12/12, and 12/15. (And of course I don’t have them saved anywhere else.) I didn’t have any posts scheduled for 12/19 and 12/22 by the time my page was back up and running, it was the week before Christmas and the holiday chaos had begun. I was upset that I had lost posts but given the fact that my website had been restored otherwise, I couldn’t dwell or complain. I’m so unbelievable grateful for my hosting company!

Today, I’m back on track. I spent some time this weekend scheduling topics for the upcoming year, and I have some exciting things in store for 2017. I hope that you’ll subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss any of my future posts ….including my online store! 😉 I will figure out a way to post my inventory without crashing my site again. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Comment below or message me on Facebook!