Vulnerable Love

There is a lot of talk these days about issues like homosexuality, divorce, and abortion.  These are all extremely controversial issues that stir up quite a bit of debate and especially arguments.  Regardless of your opinion on each of these issues, no matter what scripture you base your feelings on; ultimately it is not our place to judge someone’s life path.  It is so easy to declare how someone should behave, react, or live their lives but honestly, why do we feel compelled to straighten up anybody?  Are we qualified to fix people?  Is it even our place to determine what needs to be fixed?  I suppose it keeps us from dealing with our own issues and faults.

In Mark 12 Jesus tells us the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all our passion, prayer, intelligence, and energy.  He explains that the second greatest commandment is to love others as we do ourselves.  That makes me wonder, do we love ourselves?  We spend our time picking apart the lives of others under the rouse of growing the Kingdom of God.  How much do we value our own lives if we treat others poorly, hiding behind judgment and condemnation?  If we spent our time loving the Lord with everything within us, we wouldn’t have time to put the lives of others under a microscope.  Do you want them to put your life under there?

Are we afraid to love unconditionally?  As humans, I don’t think we can ever come to a place of perfect love, but shouldn’t we at least try?  What would happen if we just loved everyone?  Maybe it would make us vulnerable?  Are we scared that we will have to allow others into our inner circle?  That they will see the real us, not the mask we wear?

If someone who does not have a relationship with the Lord spends time watching us, will they want what we have?  If all they see us doing is blasting people with scripture on Facebook, hearing us preach AT others—keeping track of everyone’s wrongdoings…would they even want to be Christ like?  That’s a lot of work, sounds like a job…a really miserable one.  Consider the experience of being around someone who doesn’t always get it right, but is really trying…someone who truly just shows love to everyone in their path…wouldn’t that be a much better reflection of Christ?

Instead of a group displaying signs with written words of hate toward gays and lesbians, what if we just loved them?  Instead of telling a coworker how wrong abortion is and anyone who has had one is going to hell, you just keep your mouth shut and offer a hug, because you didn’t know she was forced to have one as a teenager when she was raped.  Instead of ignoring your friend because they are going through a nasty divorce and you are uncomfortable, what if you invited them to dinner at your home and just let them breathe?

God didn’t ask us to save the world; He is pretty capable in that department.  He instructed us to love.  More accurately, He commanded us to love, period.  There is no chart that we have to measure someone’s life with to see how much or how little love we can give them.  We are not told to analyze our fellow human being’s life, determining what degree of sin they reside at so we know how to treat them.  That sounds a lot like the Pharisees & Sadducees.   Jesus reduced their laws to dust.  When we condemn others aren’t we saying that Jesus’ death was not enough to save them?

I wonder if a lot of the world’s problems would be resolved if those who proclaim to love God would just focus on Him?  We waste a lot of energy on complacency, apathy, and judging.  What would happen if we took all that negativity, pushed it to the side and loved the Lord fiercely and passionately?