Shaving Cream

I have recently attempted to make better use of my Pinterest account. In other words, after pinning over 1200 great ideas, I’m finally following suggestions, making recipes, and attempting to learn what is trendy. Today, I decided to make use of all of my toiletry leftovers and try the penny-pinching DIY shaving cream. The recipe, as found on Pinterest, calls for shampoo, conditioner, hand cream, and baby oil.

I made a slight variation of the concoction, hoping to create a similar shaving cream with a delightful smell. I used:

1 cup Suave Milk & Honey Splash body wash
1 cup Suave Almond & Shae Butter moisturizing conditioner
5 T Suave Mango Mandarin body lotion
5 T store-brand baby oil

Using an empty 16oz body wash bottle, I added the conditioner first, followed by the body wash, lotion, and baby oil. Let me suggest a larger bottle. By the time I was adding the baby oil, I was practically out of room and it proved difficult to mix the ingredients by shaking. (I think a 20oz bottle would work better.) Aside from that one small issue, the mixture smelled incredible… like an orange dreamsicle. I could hardly wait to use it.

When I tested it out, there were two disappointing factors. The first is that my mixture ended up runnier than I expected. It was hard to control the amount of product dispensed. I felt like I was being wasteful. And my DIY shaving cream never lathered. (I need lather.) I’m not sure if me altering the recipe is to blame or if those things are common of this product.

The shaving cream did have some advantages though. The smell was delightful, it left my legs feeling extra soft and moisturized, and it allowed me to make use of items I already had in my bathroom that would have otherwise been thrown away since there wasn’t enough of the product to serve its original purpose.

If you have the ingredients in your home, I would recommend trying it out. It may not best suit your needs but it is an inexpensive solution worth attempting.