Livestrong Review

I am simultaneously ecstatic and embarrassed right now. I just registered on! Am I the last human to learn about this website?

Let me first clear up the embarrassment part. I am not ashamed of signing up. I am, however, ashamed of just now finding out about what all Livestrong has to offer. I have used the website multiple times in the past to look up nutritional facts, specifically when I was on another well-known program. I never once stopped long enough to realize that Livestrong offered just as much as the other program, and more!

Fast forward to today. I’m about a week behind schedule in training for an upcoming 5K. It has been a couple of years since I’ve participated in one, and although I downloaded the Couch-to-5K app for my iPhone, I haven’t been persistent in using it. I have studied fitness and nutrition long enough to know that, to be my healthiest, I need to incorporate more than just running into my training regimen.

I sat down here at the computer and asked trusty Google which apps were the best, well-rounded heath apps available. In a matter of minutes, I found myself on After just a few clicks, I was ready to register. Once I was logged in, I was in awe. This has to be one of the coolest sites I’ve seen.

Here is where the ecstatic comes in. Livestrong is a support community, a library, a medical advisor, a trainer, and a personal assistant all in one! At your fingertips, you have access to nutritional facts of nearly every food item sold in most supermarkets, an array of exercise routines, countless recipes, an allergy center, meal trackers, and one of my favorites… local certified loops. Yes, you enter you address, and can tell you the calculations and whereabouts of a nearby route! When I entered my zip code, I found a 10K bike loop, a 5K running loop, and a few 2- and 3-mile walking loops. Amazing!!

In most sections of the website, we as members can add information too. If there happens to be an item not listed in the nutritional information section, we can add it. The same goes for recipes, and even creating a new loop. The site even has a social media aspect to it, where you can share information, successes, frustrations, photos, or questions with other Livestrong members.

Both the website and the app are very user friendly. The app includes:

MyPlate – meals, snacks, water intake, and workouts tracker
Diary – a list of daily and monthly calorie intake and recorded weight
Progress – three easy-to-read graph for weight, calories, and nutrients
Community – similar to the Twitter app, chat with fellow members in an open feed or privately message a particular person
and More – help center, menu for your account information, and’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

There is a Lite version of the app, which is free, but I chose to spend $2.99 and download the full version. With the website requiring no cost to register… a one-time fee of $3.00 is nothing in comparison to the competition.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, need a place to keep up with your activity schedule, or training for an event, I highly suggest checking out It’s a well-rounded, convenient, informative, and supportive community!