Life Update: September 27, 2016

Hi friends!

As you know, from time-to-time, I will post a quick blog about what I’ve been doing and/or projects that I’m planning. Usually when there is a short break in my posting schedule, that means I’m up to something.

And I’m definitely up to something!

I have wanted to get my online store ready for a while now. It has been a dream of mine for over a year, but I never took the time to sit down and make it happen. I thought the mood may eventually pass. Instead, my desire to create an online store has grown! I think it is finally time to make this happen.

I’m still writing blog posts. I have several on the horizon — some in the works with some great sponsors and some that are ready for publishing. But I am also taking some time to create art as well. I am building my inventory of hand-lettered cards and signs, typography/prints, and digital designs. I plan to launch my online store very soon (so please subscribe to my blog so that you’ll receive an email as soon as it’s open!) and sell at a few local craft fairs, too. Being an artist means so much to me, and I am looking forward to sharing my work with you soon.

In addition to my artwork, it’s running season again! (I’m an outdoor runner, and train very little during the hot and humid NC summers.) I begin mentoring on Monday with a new group of trainees who will be completing their first 5K in December. I will personally have my first 5K of the season at the end of October.

All that said, you can expect lots of blog topics heading your way. I will have some great fall recipes for you, running tips as we transition to cooler weather, blogs featuring NC Triad businesses, fall and winter fashions, and some holiday DIY projects. I’m on a mission to make this fall the healthiest and most creative yet. I hope you’ll join me!


Name Art

This past Christmas was my sister and her husband’s first as a married couple. I wanted to get them a gift that was a family gift.  Something that would go well in their home and something that could be kept around. I decided on Name Art.  I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures that are taken or cropped to look like letters.  Well, there is a whole site that has different shaped/colored fonts of letters and they are free to download. Click here to view that website.

I chose two recent photos; one was from their wedding.

The other was from a recent family photo session they had done.

Then I chose the letters.  It was really hard at first to choose the right ones but after spending a couple of hours on the first two letters, I finally just picked a random page and made myself choose a letter off of that page.

I meshed them together in Photoshop, did a little fancy erasing and blending, then turned the whole thing black & white. I had the photo printed as an 8×10 at Walgreens.  I framed it in a nice black frame that had a nice double matting, which I bought at Walmart for an inexpensive price.

And this is the finished product – without the frame.

This is a great, inexpensive, personalized gift perfect for upcoming weddings!


Must-Have Organizer for Hair Accessories

If you have little girls that like scrunchies and headbands, then you know the problem of finding storage space for their hair accessories.

Look no further! Today I am introducing you to the Headband/Scrunchie holder.



Empty Oatmeal Canister

Scrap fabric

Hot Glue Gun



1. Measure your oatmeal canister’s height, and cut your fabric about a 1/4″ more than that.
(Mine was 9 1/2 inches so I cut the fabric to 9 3/4 inches.)

2. Cut your fabric to fit the circumference of your canister with about 1″ overlap.

3. Line your fabric up to the lip of your canister. Using your hot glue gun, begin securing your fabric to the canister. Be sure to keep it flush with the lip.

4. Once your fabric is glued around the canister, flip the canister over so the bottom is up.  Fold over and glue the extra fabric on the bottom of the canister.


5. Place your ribbon flush to the top of your canister and glue the ribbon around the canister.  You can do as many rows as you would like on your canister. Be creative!

6. When finished, wrap your headbands on the outside and throw your scrunchies inside!
What cute storage that you won’t mind leaving out on the counter for display.