When Life No Longer Revolves Around Food

Thoughts From a Recovering Food Addict

I can recall, in the not-too-distant past, when I would encourage monthly potlucks at work. There was always something to celebrate. Birthdays, holidays, weddings, babies, retirements … a random Thursday! I could truly turn any day into a reason to host a potluck. Why? Because I loved food. And ultimately, that’s really what I celebrated with every passing potluck.

Food also comforted me when I was worried, became my confidant when I was angry, and helped me pass the time when I was bored. Food had control of my life. I lived for food. And it was killing me.

Last year, I learned about my food allergies after suffering from many health problems including: belly issues, muscle pain, migraines, and chronic fatigue. I had no idea that these symptoms were subtle signs of my body’s rejection of dairy proteins. The moment I was diagnosed, my life changed. Suddenly, I had to analyze every morsel that went into my mouth. I had to read every single ingredient on the packaging. I had to search the websites of restaurants in advance to learn if they would have allergen-free menus when I arrived. It was a painstaking processes. It didn’t take long before I realized that buying pre-made cookie dough in the grocery store, or grabbing a quick meal from a drive-thru just wasn’t worth the effort that I had to put into it. I started reaching for simpler foods with less ingredients to decipher. When I wanted something sweet, I grabbed whole foods… dates, apples, strawberries, or grapes instead of contemplating whether that dark chocolate candy bar was really made of dark chocolate or some kind of blend containing milk fat. My perspective changed, and slowly… I stopped celebrating food.

Despite now knowing many dairy- and gluten-free products at a glance, I’m still in awe of the transition that I have made. Not physically, but mentally. I have entered a phase in which I could easily begin celebrating food again. I know where to find allergen free cheesecakes and pizza, and which fast food restaurants are safe. But I don’t live for food anymore, because I’ve learned the joy in celebrating the moment instead.

A great example of this is how I chose to celebrate my birthday. In the past, I celebrated with about four slices of a large, stuffed crust pizza and an oversized slice (or so) of a 9″ layered cake from my favorite bakery. That was typically preceded by a sweet, carb-heavy breakfast and followed by dinner out on the town. This year, however, food played a very small part in my day. Instead, I started my morning with an hour-long massage, followed by time with family, and ending with a concert and dancing with friends. I barely remember what I ate that day. Throughout the day I had a bottle of my favorite juice, likely a protein bar or some other healthy snack(s), and I did stop by Zoe’s Kitchen for a delicious Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and Gigi’s for a gluten free, vegan cupcake! (I still eat sweets… I just eat a cupcake instead of 1/2 the layer cake now.) My point is, I enjoyed life. I relaxed, I laughed, and I celebrated the moment. Memories far exceeded the calories this year.

I no longer plan office potlucks. We rarely have them now, and no one seems to mind. I have had the opportunity over the last few months, however, to help plan celebrations with others; things like baby showers and baptisms where food generally seems to take precedence over the actual event. It’s eye opening to me to see the amount of, and variety of, food that folks feel should be available at these special occasions. I didn’t realize the effort that I used to put into planning and preparing an event around food until I removed myself from that. I can now see how much effort others put into it. Food first, then all of the other details later. Those kind of events generally end in tummy aches and leftover casseroles for days.

I still enjoy food. I love trying new recipes and occasionally meeting friends at restaurants. I think it’s great to serve food at events. I don’t want this post to come across as my being anti-food. But I do ask you to stop and consider the intent of food at your next event. Make sure you’re not like the old me… celebrating mac & cheese and red velvet cake, making memories with pasta salad and chocolate chip cookies, and overlooking the real reason you’ve gathered together. I promise that you will be more likely to remember little things like the way the bride smiled at her new husband when they thought no one noticed, than the way the chicken salad sandwiches tasted. At the end of the day, your hearts will be more full than your bellies.

The Last Thirty Days of My 30s

Tomorrow begins the last thirty days of my 30s. I always love celebrating my birthday. I joke that it’s a national holiday and should be commemorated around the world. Haha! I remember anticipating my 16th, 18th, and 21st birthdays. I recall thinking 22 sounded weird, as did 27, but for the most part… every June 10 was just an excuse to overindulge in whatever I wanted. So, of course, I threw a huge party at a friend’s house for my 30th birthday. And then life changed drastically. Not really for the worst, but not really for the best. Things were just different. I thought differently. I acted differently. I reacted differently. It was truly like an old chapter had closed, and a new chapter had begun. That said, I have to admit that I’m a bit emotional as my 40th birthday nears. I know that life will likely make another drastic change. I’m excited to gain more wisdom and more confidence with the decade ahead. But I’m certainly more aware of reality now too; and coming to terms with things like aging parents, my own aging body, certain responsibilities, and certain goals that may need to be adapted, or even let go.

Despite the handful of apprehensions, I still love to celebrate and I plan to start ASAP! I have a lot of fun things coming up on my schedule. I thought it would be fun to use social media as a way to document the end of another decade. Over the next four weeks, I will post a blog every Thursday to highlight some of those fun things, as well as some of my favorite memories. I will also use the hashtag #jennslast30 for a photo-a-day on Instagram. (The hashtag will appear on Facebook and Twitter, too!). Be on the lookout, and please feel free to participate. Share some of your memories or an old photo, share advice, offer encouragement, or just say hello. Not every post will be birthday related… so if you see me in your town, attending an event that you’re at, or trying something new that you’ve tried too… I would love to hear from you! Please remember to use #jennslast30 🙂

Birthday Fun

I wanted to share some photos from my birthday celebrations!
(I will follow up with a blog mid-week highlighting all of the awesome cards and gifts I have received from my Love & Envelope friends.)

My birthday fun started on Friday night. My best friend (who I met in kindergarten three decades ago!) and I had a girls’ night in. We watched The Blind Side and indulged in our favorite, Pizza Hut pizza.

On Saturday morning, we headed to the local nail salon for a pedicure. She surprised me by paying for the pedi, so I used the money I had budgeted to get a manicure too! So I can’t take credit for this week’s Nailed It Sunday paintings. I did select the colors and explain how I wanted my French manicure. I failed to remember the brands of the pink and silver polishes this week, but I do remember that the pink was called Cupcakes. I thought that was fitting for a birthday. 🙂  And I remember that the black was an OPI color called Black Onyx.

Saturday afternoon, I drove to Charlotte, NC (about an hour south of where I live) to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. I met my friend Yvette (who I lived with back in college) along with her sister and brother-in-law for the Thompson Square, Darius Rucker, and Lady Antebellum concert. It was an awesome show!!

Toward the end of Lady Antebellum’s set, Thompson Square and Darius Rucker came back on stage. Together they all sang the Doobie Brothers’ Black Water. That was one of my favorite parts of the entire show!

Sunday (my actual birthday) afternoon, my brother drove my parents and me back to an area of Charlotte near Mt Holly, NC. We visited with my sister and her children, who live there. My niece is graduating from high school tomorrow. It is pretty sentimental for me since my sister was 7 months pregnant with Kim when I graduated from high school. It’s so hard to believe she will be 18 in August. I haven’t been out of school that long, have I? YIKES!! My sister prepared a Sundae Bar in honor of Kim’s graduation, my birthday, and Father’s Day. Here’s a photo of the three of us who were being honored.

She must have known that I had been craving a banana split… with Cookie Dough AND Peanut Butter Cup ice creams too! So very tasty!!

After returning Sunday evening, my oldest brother visited with four of his children. I love these kids! Look at my youngest nephew. Isn’t that the cutest “cheeeeeese” you’ve ever seen? haha I can’t finish this blog post without a photo of my other brother and me. He makes me laugh hysterically.


It has been a wonderful weekend. I am blessed beyond measure. And just wait until you see how the gals from the Love & Envelopes Birthday Girl Club have spoiled me rotten!! I had forgotten how fantastic it is to receive cards via snail mail.

I have more celebrating to do next weekend, too. Several of my friends and I are going to the Brandon Heath concert. He is one of my favorite singers and my all-time favorite songwriter. I saw him perform back in May, but it was a shorter set at a conference. I really enjoyed the performance though and have been anxiously awaiting this June show. Expect photos from that as well.

Hope everyone has a great week!