A to Z

I recently attended my first Beth Moore Living Proof Live. As a matter of fact, this was my first introduction to a Beth Moore Bible study. I was invited by a friend to attend a simulcast at a local church. It was an awe-inspiring experience.

Beth spent the larger part of the event comparing two scenarios: Girl A – described as a girl who has nothing, and Girl Z – described as a girl who has everything. These women are reflective of two women in the Bible, found in 2 Kings 4. Their names are never revealed. As I listened to Beth speak, I was convinced that I fell somewhere in the middle. Guessing, I would have said that I was Girl R. But the more Beth spoke, the more I was astonished. Could I really be Girl Z?

Girl Z spends a better part of her life answering most questions with “I’m fine.” Sometimes, this isn’t even a negative response. “Need help with that?” –No, I’m fine. “How are you today?” –I’m fine! It’s certainly a common reply. I seldom allow help because I don’t want to bother anyone. And even if I’m having a terrible day, I don’t want to worry anyone with my troubles. Fine is comfortable. It doesn’t ruffle feathers. It doesn’t sadden hearts. It’s a happy neutral. Or so I thought.

But God doesn’t call us to fine. He calls us to faith.

Beth asked the audience, “Do you want to live in the supernatural provision of God? Or do you just want to live a humanly explainable life?” She explained that need is the invitation to supernatural provision… or in more simple terms, the awesomeness of God. Essentially she was stating, if you have everything you need… you’re missing the bigger picture. God blesses EVERYONE.

The woman who appeared to have everything, was actually unable to have children. And she had become fine with that. She was content in all that she had. So much so, that when prophet Elisha explained that she would be blessed with a son, the woman was upset by the news. She didn’t want to have a son because she knew one day, she would lose him. Years later, when her son was [probably]  about 7 yrs old, that happened. The boy died in her arms. The woman was no longer fine. She was in need, and it was then that she invited supernatural provision into her life. She asked for a miracle, and eventually her son was resurrected.

Girl Z doesn’t ask for things because she is scared of being disappointed. I am Girl Z. But if I never asks for miracles, I will only live a mediocre life. God doesn’t want that! He wants our lives to be astonishing. He is ready to shower us with blessings beyond measure. I can no longer allow fear to keep me from these blessings. Are you a Girl Z too?

Let’s stop being fine. Let’s pray together for miracles. Let’s be faithful and live in the awesomeness of God.