Summer Safety

I read tonight on Facebook where two people were arrested for breaking and entering. Do you know how they picked their houses?  The lady in the operation would check her Facebook friends status to see who was out of town!!  Yup, Facebook scoping!  I try to refrain from posting on Facebook when I’ll be out of town. Of course my house is Fort Knox with a monitored alarm system including 8 video cameras that record every movement outside. I’m not really worried that someone would break in but I do get nervous at night if I’m here by myself!

My husband owns his own alarm company with his brother.  They do alarm systems for homeowners and businesses.  They also do a number of other things such as mounting flat panel TVs, hooking up audio-video components, and PC networking.  (That explains why we are Fort Knox around here!) I tell people all the time that they need an alarm system and the response I can’t stand the most is, “I have a 4-legged alarm system.”  Really?!  I don’t care what kind of kill ‘em, chew ‘em up dog you have, if someone comes in with doggie treats, some raw hot dogs, or bologna and throws it out the door… there goes your 4-legged alarm system!  Don’t be that person and don’t kid yourself!

Here are my suggestions for keeping your house summertime safe while you are out of town:

1. Have an alarm system installed & monitored.  You know I had to plug that in there!  But seriously, shop around and find a subcontract company for one of the big names and hire them to do it.  It will be less expensive, trust me!

2. DO NOT post on Facebook or Twitter that you are going out of town!  I don’t care how jealous you want to make your friends and co-workers, someone could be stalking your house! Especially since you bragged about the nice 52″ flat panel 3D TV that you got for Christmas!

3.  DO NOT post about your nice 52″ flat panel 3D TV you got for Christmas!  I know its so easy to brag but you are just feeding the criminal all the information they need!

4.  Have a family or close trusted friend stop by your house at least once a day to turn on a light in the house.  Make sure they turn on a different one each time.  Or have your home automated so the lights come on and go off at certain times of the day.  For more information on Home Automation, contact CommTech LLC or your local alarm company.

5.  Consider adding motion sensor lights to the exterior of your house.

6. Make sure your windows are locked and deadbolts are used on the doors.

7. Have a family member or neighbor pick up your mail & newspapers.  A sure sign that you are out of town is piled up newspapers.

8. Make sure your neighbors know that you are out of town. Ask them to keep an eye out.  And let them know if you have someone set up to stop by your house and what vehicle they might be in.  There is nothing like having the cops called on cousin David because you didn’t inform your neighbor that he would be stopping by!

These are just a few things that my family does when we go out of town.

And if you have an alarm, please use it.  Even if it is not monitored, if a burglar tried to break in the sound alone will frighten them off!

Now go have a Happy Summer!

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