Meet Mission Art & Design

After a long hiatus, I’m finally designing again! I have opened an Etsy store, and invite you all to check it out. I will be offering instant downloads as well as customizable designs. My primary focus right now is graphics, but I will also be offering hand lettering services. I do plan to also offer photography and other artwork at some point in 2017.

I want to also create a store on this page, but that will take some time to build. Until I launch my store on this site, please head over to Etsy to shop.

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A little about Mission Art & Design:
I have always had a passion for art. I remember telling my grandmother when I was about three years old that I wanted to grow up to be an artist. It was all that I knew, and all that I ever wanted. I lived and breathed art – from drawing and painting to set design in theater arts, I was always expressing myself creatively. I knew that I wanted to attend a college ranked highly in their art program, and was ecstatic to be accepted into the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in Design. By the time I graduated, I had exhibited my work in an international museum… in a gallery directly below one filled with Picasso, De Kooning, and Matisse. With endless opportunities for employment, I decided to pursue a career in graphic design and photography. I spent 10 years developing my skills in printing, marketing, and publishing. After a decade in corporate design, I became a bit burned out. I needed to remove myself completely. I selected a new career in Healthcare, and spent the next decade de-sensitizing myself from the cookie-cutter branding of my previous career. Today, I have found my passion for art again; the passion that I had when I created and exhibited art without the direction of CEOs and Account Managers. And I have decided to sell some of that artwork through my online shop. I named it Mission Art & Design because I’m on a mission to express myself creatively again. I’m not sure where this will take me but the beauty is in the journey, not in the destination! I hope you enjoy the adventure.

Hello, again.

Remember me? haha

I never intended to take an entire month off. I really thought my hiatus would only be two weeks, tops. But apparently I needed a little extra time to get things in order. You know? …I like to think I’m a good multi-tasker. But juggling two blog sites is a little more challenging than I expected. Especially with everything else I have going on!

So, I really only have two exciting things to report:

1. I went to Indianapolis, IN (Nov 15-18) for a four-day convention called the International Conference on Missions. I was honored to be there representing Invest Hope for our first official exhibit booth. [And it is always good to spend time with out-of-state friends.] I think we may have been a little over-prepared for the convention, but all-in-all I considered the weekend a success. It was a learning experience, for sure. I met a lot of people and made a few new friends. What little I saw of Indianapolis was beautiful. I really would love to go back to the city as a tourist. And as a photographer. I fell in love with some of the architecture there.

Since we’re on the subject of photography… 🙂

2. I have the bug to get back into it. I go through phases. Most days, I believe photography is a lost art. There are so many people with decent digital cameras now, that everyone thinks they’re a professional. I saw something a few weeks ago, I think on Pinterest, that said something like “The camera doesn’t make the photographer, the person behind it does.” So true! I wish people would understand that. I wouldn’t mind if the field was oversaturated with folk who were skillfully trained in photography and digital darkrooms… but to be oversaturated with just people who are “self-taught” photo editors, it breaks my heart. Call me a photo snob if you wish, but pouring my time, money, and soul to obtain a degree in it made me that way. 😉

So I try to remain a true artist… using photography as the medium that it is. I like using the knowledge and skill that I gained in college to capture nuances that most would overlook. And I try very hard to stay away from commercial photography, although I have worked as a professional commercial photographer on many occasions.

From time to time, I get an itch to use people as subjects in my photos. And the quickest, easiest, and least expensive way to get models is to offer family portrait packages to folks. Recently, I took senior portraits for a friend’s daughter, Casey. It was a fun experience. Casey is a natural. She was easy to direct, easy to shoot, and easy to edit. She wanted more photos done, at a different location, so I scheduled another shoot with her. Now… I have four more sessions lined up for Christmas photos with other families.

Perhaps I cave, one more time. 😉 Maybe it is time to sell out and schedule even more photo shoots to appease my photography cravings and make a little extra cash too. Don’t be surprised if this blog turns into a digital portfolio to showcase some of my work in the near future. I doubt it will stay that way for long, but hopefully you guys will enjoy the posts while you can get them!