“Mommy… when’s it gonna snow?”

My 4 yr old loves the snow so much that she asked Santa for snow boots for Christmas!  And do you think she has gotten to use them?  Well, technically not for snow but they make an awesome fashion statement with the right tutu.

We don’t get snow around here like we used to.  I remember when I was little it would snow and you would be out of school for days!  Now we are out because of ice.  What fun is that?!  There was this great big hill behind my great grandparents house, in the cow pasture, that we’d ride our sleds down, all day long… until we couldn’t feel our toes anymore!  Then we’d snuggle in a blanket after going inside and watch Thundercats and eat snow cream.  It would also snow so much that many people didn’t get out to drive, so we could sled down the road in front of my aunt’s house.  My uncles would get out the tractors and pack the snow down on the road, then off we would go.  Those were the days!!!  Now, you’re lucky if you get enough to make a snowball.  So I’m hoping it snows this winter for her sake, just to use those snow boots that Santa brought.  With temperatures often hanging in the 60s, I’m not holding my breath but rather thanking God she loves to dress up in those boots!

Here is an adapted recipe for snow cream, without raw eggs included.


Snow Cream

 1 cup of milk

½ cup of sugar

½ tsp vanilla

Mix together, then add snow to desired thickness.  Garnish with chocolate syrup, M&Ms, or crushed up cookies.

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