Outdoor Bird Tree

Growing up we spent a lot of time with my grandparents on my mom’s side. My papaw was one of the most influential people in my life. He always liked to look out the picture window at the Cardinals in his yellow bell bush. He loved his redbirds. I guess that is one of the reasons I like birds so much. I have been a fan of feeding the birds for awhile now, and am so happy to have a porch that has room for lots of feeders.

This year as I was thinking about all of the decorating options I would have at my new house I remembered that I still had the small Christmas tree I had from when I first moved out on my own. It was sort of emotional digging out this old tiny tree, it definitely made me think about the journey to where I am now in my life. I thought this tree would be perfect to put outside and to decorate it for the birds.

My nephews, whom I love to pieces helped me make ornaments that are edible. They helped cover pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed (which I had wrapped floral wire around the ends to make a hanger).

I also cut bagels and put floral wire through the center hole and they covered them in peanut butter and birdseed as well.

I dehydrated orange and apple slices in my dehydrator and put ribbons through them. I also strung popcorn and cranberries to make garland.

The boys painted mini bird houses to use as ornaments and I stuck a squirrel and a bird in there also. They had so much fun painting the bird houses, that when they were all done they wanted to keep painting things so they painted some pine cones as well.

It turned out to be a really cute tree, a little crooked but hey, that’s okay.

Written by Kara Cody

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