New Luggage

It’s time to replace Big Blue!

For Christmas in 2005, my friends’ parents gifted me with my first set of luggage. I remember being nearly brought to tears; it was a nice set that, at that time, I couldn’t have invested in myself… and it was my favorite color, royal blue. Their gift was prompted by two traveling experiences that I had earlier in the year. The first was a week-long vacation in April to the Bahamas where I packed only in a carry-on I had picked up just a few weeks before the trip. (Thankfully, it was the Bahamas and I spent most of the time in bathing suits.) The problem of space surfaced when I had to travel to Washington DC on a week-long business trip that November. I simply could not fit my required convention uniforms, casual clothing – like jeans and sweaters, and boots into my carry-on bag. Having just returned from modeling in Paris where she had packed clothing and souvenirs in her giant red suitcase, I asked my friend Jill if I could borrow her luggage for the winter trip. It was then that I realized what I was missing by not having a set, and apparently it was then that her mom decided to invest in my future travel. 🙂

Jump ahead to today. My niece has officially settled into her dorm. I have a feeling she will begin her own journey of traveling soon, whether it’s with her new college friends or simply back home for fall break. Regardless, I started having a gut feeling that she needed luggage. Nothing fancy. Something that could get damaged or easily be replaced if necessary. Think about it… college road trips and life in a dorm aren’t the best environments for many material things. Ha! With my upcoming travels, it hit me; why not upgrade my luggage set and give Kim my trusty blue suitcases. They nestle in each other for easy storage. They’re reliable. They’re perfect for a student.

It didn’t take long to find their replacement. Kohl’s was advertising a 3-piece set in a catchy black-and-cream colored pattern. Regularly retailing at $249.99, the luggage set was marked down to an unbelievable low price. And because the total was over $75, I would receive free shipping! I jumped at the chance to buy it. I feel like I can easily add to the set in the future, if necessary, by just buying solid black pieces. But here’s the best part… if you search for “valid Kohl’s promo codes” you actually find online promotional codes! I found a 15% off code and literally feel like I’m getting this luggage at a steal. When it arrives, I will write a review to compare it to my current blue set. I’m excited for my niece and myself. Maybe now we can plan an adventure together!

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