Nailed It!

Since my last post, I have become a little obsessed with nail polish. But don’t let that statement mislead you. I’m still quite the amateur when it comes to the topic.

I guess I should give you a glimpse into my past. I was a nail biter. Not just as a child. I gnawed my fingernails well into my young adult life. I’m guessing it was a nervous habit. It took two drastic changes in my life to break it: nursing school and braces. Ultimately, all it took was one day of 12-hour clinicals in the surgical unit of a local hospital to make me realize how disgusting the habit was. And after finally getting braces in 2008, it literally became impossible to bite my fingernails between my teeth’s new alignment and the overall pain. (The thought of eating mashed potatoes sometimes brought tears to my eyes, so chewing a nail was certainly out of the question.)

I also used to be a lot more impatient than I am now. After my nails started to grow, I found myself attempting to paint them, only to rush the process. The paint was applied in a very sloppy manner and without proper drying time, things got pretty messy! I decided polish just wasn’t for me.

If I ever splurged on a manicure, I always opted for nude colors or French tips. It just seemed weird to me to call attention to a part of my body that, for years, was a complete embarrassment.

I blame Pinterest for my new-found love of nail polish. You can’t scroll through that website without seeing a lot of pins featuring nail polish trends. The more I viewed, the more the designs became art to me. Then something clicked in my head. Hey! I went to art school. I’m an artist!! I know how to paint meticulously, it just takes time! And color is a great way to express mood and personality! So I attempted the purple nails and glitter for Relay For Life. I was shocked that they actually turned out pretty cute! After a few compliments, and a quick chat with my Twitter friend Dana, I ended up purchasing several new bottles of nail polish. Dana said that she paints her nails on Sunday evenings, while she is watching TV. That works perfectly for me as well. That way, I can take an hour to trim, file, buff, paint, and allow the layers to dry without being rushed. I’ve decided every Sunday I’ll post a photo of my weekly nail fun.

This week, I went a little bold and chose Confetti’s Bayou Blue and Milani’s Teal glitter. This is two layers of Bayou Blue with one layer of Teal glitter added on my ring finger only. (This is one of the big trends in nail polish right now. It has no significance… it is simply a way to add a little pop of fun.) Again, I’m still a noob at painting my nails and I’m still trying to get used to the attention they’re getting, so I wanted to do something fun but still subtle. I will try to take it up a notch next week. 🙂

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