In May 2011, my friends ask me to join them in creating a nonprofit organization. Over the past three years; we developed a business plan, came up with a name, designed a logo, built a website, promoted the mission, founded our Board of Directors, and more. We are a young group, eager to help break the cycle of poverty in Haiti.

So you can probably understand that frustration we encountered after applying for our 501c3 tax exempt status. It took Ginny and myself a month (literally) to draw up bylaws and fill out all of the application forms to submit to the IRS. We mailed our packet to the US government in October 2012, and anxiously awaited our fate.

and waited.

and waited..

and waited…

The IRS website showed little movement in approvals because of sequesters, changes in procedures, and an over-abundance of applications. As a matter of fact, in October 2013, the government’s website showed April 2012 as the date they were currently reviewing. One year later, and we were still six months away from being reviewed. We anticipated our results, but knew that we had to be patient.

To our surprise, we received a package in the mail late last month. It was our 501c3 paperwork. We were approved! As of January 30, 2014, Invest Hope is a tax-exempt nonprofit. We were not expecting results for at least Fall of this year. I almost cried… because I’m a sap like that. Haha.

To learn more about our mission, I invite you to head over to our website,
We strive to offer Haitians a hand up, not a hand out, which empowers them to promote change among themselves.

I plan to use this Haiti page on my personal website to showcase things like programs, fundraisers, and photos that I have taken in Haiti.

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