Carolina Girls

Cool weather has replaced the steamy days in North Carolina.  This time of year it can be really difficult to choose daily outfits.  After all, it can be a frigid 45 degrees in the morning and zoom fairly quickly up to a balmy 70 by your lunch hour.

Here are a few things to consider for your wardrobe:
1.  Layering is critical!  Pair a cardigan with a long sleeve button up shirt.  You’ll be comfortable in the morning without being over bundled.  As the day heats up you can shed the sweater completely or drape it over your shoulders.  If need be, you can roll up the shirt sleeves for another look.  (Hint:  ¾ sleeves make you look more lean and taller!)

2.  Scarves are also a must!  There are tons of colors, textures, patterns, and fabrics so no one has an excuse not to wear them!  A scarf can tie an outfit together making you look more polished and put together.  They can also be worn as belts.  I found a great website with videos if you need tips on how to wear them. Scarves are a great way to express your fashion sense.  You can select whimsical, conservative, bold, or themed scarves to spice up any look!

3.  Color is not just for a box of crayons!  It is really easy to stick with those go to black, brown, and grey pieces in cold weather.  Don’t fling all those items out; just add some unexpected pop with a vibrant pair of shoes.  I remember the fashion patterns of the 90’s and how everything had to be matchy-matchy.  These days, your fashion is an extension of your personality, so let everyone see who your really are!  A fun, funky, or even quirky pair of shoes can make any woman feel confident and light-hearted.  Think of it as a stress reducer!

4.  She’s got legs!  It’s also really easy to stick to a “pants only” routine during these cold months.  Don’t push all those dresses to the back of your closet during fall and winter.  Like I mentioned earlier, layering is a huge trend this season.  Pair a knee length dress with leggings, tall boots or even booties, and a great jacket.  Tights and leggings allow you to wear cute dresses in cold weather.  You can show off those legs that you may not have shaved in a couple of days!  (There is no way I am the only one that does that!)

5.  Clean out your pocketbook and go lighter!  Cross body bags are a hot trend right now.  I adore them because it is not a distraction while I am running errands or shopping.  (This is must-have for mothers with young children.)  It is securely placed against my body and forces me to carry around fewer items which in turn is much better on my back, neck, and shoulders.  Even if you like more classic styles like Liz Claiborne or Coach, you can find one that works for you.

6.  Top it off!  For some reason, women are scared of hats.  I’m not sure what horror movie featured hats to cause us all to be terrified of them, but it is okay, they won’t hurt you!  There are as many different styles of hats as there are scarves or handbags.  A hat can add a twist to your outfit that showcases your hair and draws attention to your beautiful face!  Check out a store like Charming Charlie.  They have an incredible selection and staff members that can help you determine the right hat for your build and face shape.  If you have a specific outfit that you would like to match, be sure to take it with you.  (Hint:  you lose tons of body heat through your head.  If you are cold-natured like me, you can solve a problem while looking fabulous!)

It’s been proven that we are more likely to be depressed during the winter season because of lack of outdoor activities exposing us to sunshine.  Help out your mental well-being by wearing accessories and clothes that make you feel good about yourself!  After all, Carolina girls are the best in the world!

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