2018: New Year, New Things Ahead

Fact: I have struggled with this blog. I have always wanted to be a “real” blogger but my life and my need to have the perfect post seem to get in my way every time.

Fact: It has been nearly a year since my last post. A lot has happened since February 2017. I plan to fill you in… one day.

Fact: More changes are coming, including another shift in this ever-changing website. I am moving away from the traditional lifestyle blog where I feel the need to market myself and advertise products. I will be taking the journaling approach this year. I want a place to record life – for myself more than anyone else – without the expectations of having a certain number of followers or being an ambassador for everything that I love. I am learning to minimalize. I have enough pressure in life that I don’t need to stress over a website too. So, I am on a new mission… let’s see where this goes.

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